Daloopa Plus

Daloopa Plus enables analysts to instantly update key datapoints for companies reporting on the same day, allowing for immediate prioritization of companies and faster prep for the earnings calls

Instant updates

We'll have the key numbers ready in just minutes after the drop.
Prioritize Companies
With DaloopaPlus+ Instant Updates, analysts are able to immediately pull important metrics into their existing models, allowing them to prioritize the most critical earnings call.
Rapid Insights
Instant Updates allow analysts to formulate questions and make important trading decisions in the aftermarket.

Incremental updates

Live data from investor presentations, footnotes, and transcripts published as soon as they are available.
KPI Updates
DaloopaPlus+ Incremental Updates enable analysts to automatically populate the latest KPIs as they are scrubbed by us.
Live Feed
Incremental Updates allow analysts to update their models faster with the most complete set of historical data available in critical moments after earnings drop on the same day

Why choose Daloopa Plus?

Daloopa Plus offers everything a standard Daloopa license offers and more. With Daloopa Plus, analysts who deal with same day earnings for companies under their coverage will be able to instantly download and visualize key datapoints right after the print.

Instant filing updates
Rolling, live KPIs
Linked, auditable data
One-click updates
Unlimited company historicals
Industry models
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