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Confidence and speed
Confidence and speed

Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Our customer utilizes Daloopa across Investment Banking, Equity Research and data analytics teams.

We have enabled our customer to save 25% of time building new models and update earnings 40% faster. The Company has also added a new critical feature of auditability to their investment data, which has improved accuracy and trust in their investment decisions and recommendations.

Daloopa provides the customer with (1) Excel-format data for investment professionals and (2) API for data teams.

“The data is a masterpiece.” – Managing Director, Investment Bank

(Private Data Solution)


“Daloopa was the partner we were looking for to transform our ability to capture the data we needed across our large document set. Their innovative AI technology helped us save time and money, while improving quality control.”

Sola Akihola, Head of Company Intelligence @ Preqin

About Preqin: Preqin is a global data provider to over 200k alternative assets professionals. LPs, GPs, investment consultants, and corporations. Preqin’s exclusive private market and hedge fund data

The Challenge: Preqin needed to review >800,000 documents and extract a decade of key metrics on more than 60,000 companies including investment data in multiple languages and formats. Populating the data would have taken a team of 60+ professionals over a year to build, let alone maintain.

Daloopa’s Solution: We partnered with Preqin to extract and standardize data. Daloopa’s AI-driven proprietary technology helped translate data across different languages, formats and industries. Preqin valued Daloopa’s scalable, faster and 99.99% accurate solution. Overall, Preqin achieved 20x lower cost and directly benefited from more accurate data and direct revenue attribution.

From our customers

“Best we’ve ever seen in terms of accuracy and thoroughness.”
Portfolio Manager, $10B+ Multi-Manager
“It blew us away. It has completely improved our modeling capabilities.”
Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC
“The data is a masterpiece”
Managing Director, Equity Research at Bulge Bracket