Easily verify numbers and better understand any surrounding context.

AI Scrubbed Numbers

Our machine learning algorithms and hundreds of systematic checks ensure the highest degree of accuracy in our data. Each datapoint links to the source document

Get Better Context

Click on any row header in our datasheets to view the source for every instance of that time series.

Introduce Auditability into Your Models

Daloopa’s Excel plugin is able to check for numerical input errors in your existing models, and link any of your data points directly to the source so that your models are driven with the highest quality data possible.

Experience with Daloopa:

  • Every datapoint is auditable directly to the source

  • View over 10 years of source data snippets at once

  • Use our Excel plugin to audit your existing models

  • Ensure accuracy knowing that each number has undergone rigorous verification

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Deepest Dataset

Easily verify numbers and better understand any surrounding context.

Model Updates

Real-Time Updates: Update any existing models with just a single click.

Custom Dashboards

Easily build and maintain custom Excel dashboards to spot industry trends and outliers.

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