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Build models using Daloopa’s database of 2,500+ companies.

Our models contain the most KPIs for each company, along with non-GAAP adjustments and guidance.

Use Daloopa’s Excel plug-in to maintain & update your own model.

Never input numbers manually again with our auditable and accurate updating tool.

Enhance your idea generation engine by building industry models with the KPIs you care about from each company in the space.

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Hear from our customers
“Daloopa has helped our team get up to speed on new investments much faster.”
- $50B Activist Hedge Fund
“The data quality is fantastic. Captured everything down to the investor presentations and transcripts.”
- $50B Multi-Strategy Fund in NYC
“Great service, I love the excel format for creating a baseline model without pulling financials.”
- Global $10B+ Credit Fund