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Dominate Earnings Season: Model updates in seconds of earnings report

Investment analyst Josh Burwick, uses Daloopa Plus to update his model for Alphabet's Q4 earnings, getting key metrics in seconds and to insights in minutes.

Josh Burwick
February 1, 2024

Alphabet reported Q4 earnings just after the market close on Tuesday, January 30th. With Daloopa Plus, I was able to instantly compare actual key segments and operating metrics against my and the Street expectations.


Daloopa Plus instantly updates key metrics using Daloopa’s AI technology and the full data sheet is completely updated on average within 90 minutes.

Already analyzing within two minutes of release

On the revenue side, Google Search was roughly in-line at$48 billion. YouTube Ads revenue slightly beat at $9.2 billion, continuing the growth acceleration at 15.5% y/y vs. 15% estimate. Google Networks revenue came in light at $8.3 billion vs. $8.6 billion estimate. Google Cloud beat my expectations nicely posting $9.2 billion in revenue vs. $8.9 billion estimate, accelerating to 25.7% growth vs. 22.5% last quarter.


On the cost side, Cost of Revenue came in better at $37.6 billion vs. $40.7 billion estimate. However, R&D came in much higher at $12.1 billion vs. $10 billion estimate. I will need to drill in here to find out the reason; perhaps it was related to non-operating severance charges. S&M costs came in lower at $7.7 billion vs. $8.2 billion estimate while G&A came in a good deal higher at $5.2 billion vs. $4.3 billion estimate.


Now I have all the key numbers updated and know exactly where to focus on the earnings call that is about to start. Thank you Daloopa!


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