Update your existing models in a single click.

Daloopa offers fundamental models built by hundreds of AI algorithms, double verified by our team of human analysts. Our database contains the deepest set of public company data.

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Data quality trusted & invested in by global financial firms

Faster Model Updates

Use your time better during earnings season and focus on your priorities. Quickly identify changes in KPIs, Guidance, and non-GAAP adjustments. Daloopa's Excel plugin is the first to update directly in your existing models.

Update for the latest quarter in a single click

Keep your existing models and formatting, including units and signs

Get notified regarding any newly disclosed line items

Easier Idea Generation

Daloopa's data allows you to build new models in the shortest amount of time. Our algorithms are able to grab every number, even those buried in footnotes and charts.

Build and seamlessly update an industry model with key players

Access the deepest set of historical data neatly organized in a single Excel file

Four to ten times more data than competitors

Highest Quality Data

Daloopa uses the perfect blend of AI for discovery and human analysts for quality assurance, meaning scale and accuracy beyond anything previously possible.

Every datapoint is hyperlinked to the source document and location

Our Stitcher feature shows you the source for every number tagged in each row

Hundreds of systematic checks are run on each row of data, in addition to final human qualification

How it works

Take a look at our process starting with unstructured data from over 3,000 companies and ending with numbers you can trust and updates in your existing models

Daloopa extracts data from millions of files, capturing numbers from press releases, quarterly and annual reports, and investor presentations.

Our AI engine combs through the numbers and adds it to our company models. Hundreds of systematic checks are conducted during this process to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Each auditable, contextual datapoint in our models is carefully checked by a human analyst before the model is published for you to use in building and updating your models.

Investment Analysts can't imagine a life without Daloopa

Without Daloopa

Stale models missing the latest updates
Hours lost digging through old filings to collect KPIs from footnotes and images
Difficulty finding where a previous number was pulled from
"Best we’ve ever seen in terms of accuracy and thoroughness."

Portfolio Manager, $10B+ Multi-Manager

"It blew us away. It has completely improved our modeling capabilities."

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC

"The data is a masterpiece"

Managing Director, Equity Research at Bulge Bracket

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