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Use the deepest and most accurate set of public company historicals to build your models in your preferred method, and update existing models in any formatting.

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What Daloopa Does

Complete historicals for 3000+ public companies. Apply without limits.

Use the Best Data Available

We won’t argue about whether modeling is a science or an art, but we know it matters that you use the best data to start with. Daloopa extracts and organizes data from millions of financial reports, investor presentations, and supplemental data files to jump start your process.

Turn Stale Models Into New Ideas

Stale models weighing you down? Whether you use our data sheets, your own models, or someone else’s, take a load off of your plate with Daloopa’s one-click updating to fill in any and all missing quarters in your existing formatting as hard-coded numbers.

Build the Ultimate Screener

We know you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s hard enough maintaining just your portfolio companies during earnings season, much less tracking the entire industry. With Daloopa's KPI builder, step back and get an easy bird’s eye view with automatic updates each quarter.

Save Time with Faster Model Updates

Use your time better during earnings season and focus on your priorities. Quickly identify changes in KPIs, Guidance, and non-GAAP adjustments.

The first Excel plugin to pull hard-coded numbers directly into your existing models.

Update for the latest quarter in a single click

Keep your existing models and formatting, including units and signs

Get notified regarding any newly disclosed line items

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Future-proof your Modeling Capability

Daloopa's offering of the deepest set of historical data available allows you to bring your A-game to an increasingly efficient market. Determine your hypothesis before the tides turn.

Ten times more data than any other solution, neatly organized in a single Excel file

Build and seamlessly update an industry model with key players

Use Daloopa for data discovery, even if the metric stopped reporting a year ago

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Trust but Verify

Daloopa uses the perfect blend of AI for discovery and human analysts for quality assurance, meaning scale and accuracy beyond anything previously possible.

Every datapoint is auditable directly to the source

Our Stitcher solution provides a source snippet for each datapoint in an entire row

Hundreds of systematic checks are run on each row of data, in addition to final human qualification

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“With Daloopa’s Stitcher tool, I no longer need a million tabs open to read about a KPI as it changes over time. Everything is there in a single page which makes it so much easier to answer any questions I might have.”

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC

“Having Daloopa during earnings has been game changing. I find myself getting my work done and making it home for dinner with the kids."

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC

"It generally takes 3 days to build a full model from scratch, which involves a lot of manual hardcoding. With Daloopa I ramp into new models quickly.

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC


Do I need to use Daloopa's data in order to use one-click updating?

No. You do not need to be using our data sheets in order to automatically update your models. In fact, we highly encourage you to use our plugin with any existing models you may already have to simplify updating for earnings or filling in any missing quarters. We don't pull numbers in with a formula--everything is hard-coded, which means that anyone without Daloopa's plug-in will be able to see the numbers as well, in addition to never #REF-ing out your models.

Do you cover international companies?

Yes, Daloopa has models for most major international companies, including ones that report in non-English languages.

What if my data is not in the same units or sign as company disclosures?

We can easily work with that. Daloopa's plug-in is smart enough to know when you are using different units and signs from the company's disclosure. This happens most often when a company discloses in thousands and you model in millions, or when a company provides a negative number for an expensive item, but you have it as a positive number in your model.

Will my model work offline?

Absolutely. Daloopa models are meant to be used in any situation. However, do note that the source links bring you to a web portal hosted by us in the cloud, and the plugin fetches data from our database in the cloud. If you are offline, you will still have full access to all your data, but the links and plugin will only work when you are back online.

What if a company I want is not in the library?

Talk to us. Our technology enables us to process filings and build data sheets at an unprecedented scale. We're on pace to add 750 models to companies to our coverage in 2022, at an average rate of 15 companies added a week.

Daloopa Keeps You Ahead

Having historicals is important, but spreading them is not. With Daloopa's solutions, not only are you able to repurpose time building and updating your models for more value-added work, you are also able to benefit in other ways by having a tech-driven model.

With Daloopa

Without Daloopa

One-Click Updating in Existing Models

Datapoints Auditable to the Source

Ensure Total Accuracy

Easy Data Discovery

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See why top performing hedge funds rely on Daloopa to supercharge their models and outperform the competition.

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