Hedge Funds

Over 10 years of company historicals for due diligence purposes.

Custom Excel dashboards

Easily build and maintain custom dashboards to spot industry trends and outliers


Each datapoint is auditable directly to the source for easy verification and context

Real time updates

Allow your analysts to spend crucial time after the print on synthesis rather than manual inputs

Daloopa’s Verifiable Data Scrubbing

Track key drivers for your companies
Daloopa’s KPI builder tool allows you to easily aggregate even the most granular KPIs for the companies you care about, and display it all in a single Excel sheet. Then, each quarter, use our Excel plugin to update for all the different companies in just a single click.
Invest with confidence
Every single datapoint is linked to the source document so that you can trust in our numbers. Our plugin also allows your analysts to ensure that their existing models are free of any input errors.
Seize timely opportunities
Daloopa’s automated real time one-click updating will update models in just a few minutes after release, allowing for more companies with same-day reporting to be covered and for your team to be able to focus on synthesis to capture timely opportunities.

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