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Having historicals is important, but spreading them is not. With Daloopa's solutions, not only are you able to repurpose time building and updating your models for more value-added work, you are also able to benefit in other ways by having a tech-driven model.

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It generally takes 3 days to build a full model from scratch, which involves a lot of manual hardcoding. With Daloopa I ramp into new models quickly.
Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC
With Daloopa’s Stitcher tool, I no longer need a million tabs open to read about a KPI as it changes over time. Everything is there in a single page which makes it so much easier to answer any questions I might have.
Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC
Having Daloopa during earnings has been game changing. I find myself getting my work done and making it home for dinner with the kids.
Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC
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