Model Updates

Update your existing models with just a single click to make days with multiple earnings a breeze.

One-Click Updates

Daloopa’s one-click updates allow you to update your models faster on days with multiple earnings for the companies under your coverage. Utilize crucial time to review the numbers after using the plugin to cut down your updating time to just seconds.

Excel Plugin

Daloopa’s Excel plugin pulls in the latest hard-coded numbers directly into your Excel model, no matter how you format your spreadsheets. Shorten the time it takes to update and maintain models to just the time it takes to click the “update” button.


Daloopa has the deepest dataset for any company, which means even the most granular or company specific line item in your model will be updated when you use our plugin.

Experience with Daloopa:

  • Updated numbers available just minutes after the print
  • Have all your KPIs ready and updated before earnings
  • Check for manual input errors with our plugin
  • Easily link your numbers to the source document
  • Update in a single click
  • Hardcoded numbers that will never #REF out

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