Complete historicals for 3000+ public companies

Use the deepest and most accurate set of public company historicals to build your models in your preferred method, and update existing models in any formatting.

Model Updates

Update your existing models with just a single click to make days with multiple earnings a breeze.
One-Click Updates
Daloopa’s one-click updates allow you to update your models faster on days with multiple earnings for the companies under your coverage. Utilize crucial time to review the numbers after using the plugin to cut down your updating time to just seconds.
Excel Plugin
Daloopa’s Excel plugin pulls in the latest hard-coded numbers directly into your Excel model, no matter how you format your spreadsheets. Shorten the time it takes to update and maintain models to just the time it takes to click the “update” button.
Daloopa has the deepest dataset for any company, which means even the most granular or company specific line item in your model will be updated when you use our plugin.
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Experience with Daloopa

Every data point is auditable directly to the source
View over 10 years of source data snippets at once
Use our Excel plugin to audit your existing models
Ensure accuracy knowing that each number has undergone rigorous verification
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Have a question?

What if a company I want is not in the library?

Talk to us. Our technology enables us to process filings and build data sheets at an unprecedented scale. We're on pace to add 750 models to companies to our coverage in 2022, at an average rate of 15 companies added a week.

Will my model work offline?

Absolutely. Daloopa models are meant to be used in any situation. However, do note that the source links bring you to a web portal hosted by us in the cloud, and the plugin fetches data from our database in the cloud. If you are offline, you will still have full access to all your data, but the links and plugin will only work when you are back online.

What if my data is not in the same units or sign as company disclosures?

We can easily work with that. Daloopa's plug-in is smart enough to know when you are using different units and signs from the company's disclosure. This happens most often when a company discloses in thousands and you model in millions, or when a company provides a negative number for an expensive item, but you have it as a positive number in your model.

Do you cover international companies?

Yes, Daloopa has models for most major international companies, including ones that report in non-English languages.