Investment Banking

Easily understand the competitive landscape.

Industry modeling

All the KPIs from all your comps, updated in just one click.

Deepest set of data

Daloopa serves as a single source for all quantitative disclosures from everything the company reports.


Questions about a datapoint? Click to see the source.

Easily understand the competitive landscape

Custom industry dashboards
Track key drivers for your client’s competitors and get a bird’s eye view of how they compare. Daloopa pulls even the most granular industry- or company-specific KPI for each company in our library.
Every reported datapoint
We never delete any data. This means that even inconsistent disclosures are captured and remain in our data sheets. Our AI technology allows us to capture every number at a scale beyond human capability.
Present with confidence
The accuracy of our numbers are guaranteed, but we allow you to verify it as well through links to the source. Never miss a number or worry about input errors when you use Daloopa’s modeling solution.

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