Investment Banking

Industry modeling

All the KPIs from all your comps, updated in just one click.

Deepest set of data

Daloopa serves as a single source for all quantitative disclosures from everything the company reports.


Questions about a datapoint? Click to see the source.

One-click updates

Real time updates in your existing models and format with hardcoded, auditable numbers.

Deepest set of data

Our AI engine collects every single number so that you can model with confidence.


Never mistype a number again and check your existing models for input errors as well.

Daloopa’s Verifiable Data Scrubbing

Keep your models up to date

Whether you are brushing off a stale model from a few quarters back or trying to stay on top of your coverage universe, Daloopa’s Excel plugin is able to easily update your models with the latest hard coded numbers in your exact formatting and style–just like magic!

Make the most informed investment decision

Daloopa captures every single company reported number, including from footnotes, MD&As, presentations, and more at a scale only possible with AI. We never delete any data points, even if disclosure changes over time.

Data you can trust

Our data undergoes hundreds of systematic checks to ensure accuracy, along with a final human layer that manually checks every single number. This way, we can ensure that not only do we have the right number in our datasheets, but we are able to scan your existing models for more peace of mind, along with linking the numbers directly to the source.

Custom Excel dashboards

Easily build and maintain custom dashboards to spot industry trends and outliers


Each datapoint is auditable directly to the source for easy verification and context

Real time updates

Allow your analysts to spend crucial time after the print on synthesis rather than manual inputs

Increase the velocity of your team’s idea gen.

Track key drivers for your companies

Daloopa’s KPI builder tool allows you to easily aggregate even the most granular KPIs for the companies you care about, and display it all in a single Excel sheet. Then, each quarter, use our Excel plugin to update for all the different companies in just a single click.

Invest with confidence

Every single datapoint is linked to the source document so that you can trust in our numbers. Our plugin also allows your analysts to ensure that their existing models are free of any input errors.

Seize timely opportunities

Daloopa’s automated real time one-click updating will update models in just a few minutes after release, allowing for more companies with same-day reporting to be covered and for your team to be able to focus on synthesis to capture timely opportunities.

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Easily understand the competitive landscape.

Custom industry dashboards

Track key drivers for your client’s competitors and get a bird’s eye view of how they compare. Daloopa pulls even the most granular industry- or company-specific KPI for each company in our library.

Every reported datapoint

We never delete any data. This means that even inconsistent disclosures are captured and remain in our data sheets. Our AI technology allows us to capture every number at a scale beyond human capability.

Present with confidence

The accuracy of our numbers are guaranteed, but we allow you to verify it as well through links to the source. Never miss a number or worry about input errors when you use Daloopa’s modeling solution.

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