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Our data quality and the depth of our KPIs speak for themselves.

Over 4x more data than competitors

We won’t argue about whether modeling is a science or an art, but we know it matters that you use the best data to start with. Daloopa extracts and organizes data from millions of financial reports, investor presentations, and supplemental data files to jump start your process.

Auditable links with context

Stale models weighing you down? Whether you use our data sheets, your own models, or someone else’s, take a load off of your plate with Daloopa’s one-click updating to fill in any and all missing quarters in your existing formatting as hard-coded numbers.

Seamless integration into your workflow

We know you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s hard enough maintaining just your portfolio companies during earnings season, much less tracking the entire industry. With Daloopa's KPI builder, step back and get an easy bird’s eye view with automatic updates each quarter.

“With Daloopa’s Stitcher tool, I no longer need a million tabs open to read about a KPI as it changes over time. Everything is there in a single page which makes it so much easier answer any questions I might have.”

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC

“Having Daloopa during earnings has been game changing. I find myself getting my work done and making it home for dinner with the kids."

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC

"It generally takes 3 days to build a full model from scratch, which involves a lot of manual hardcoding. With Daloopa I ramp into new models quickly.

Portfolio Manager, $1B+ Single Manager in NYC

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