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Pensions & Endowments

Streamline your investment process with AI-driven solutions
Collect data across all LP materials
Audit your portfolio data with our data links and files
Achieve 99.99% accuracy and reduce manual data entry
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Hear from our private data customers:
“Before, I was manually reading and updating our LP letters every quarter. Now I just skim [Daloopa's] excel.”
- $5B U.S. Pension Fund
“Love that we can now capture difficult or rare data.”
- $1T Sovereign Wealth Fund
“The data is a masterpiece.”
- Managing Director at Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Upgrade your investment process

with industry-leading financial data
Make investment decisions with confidence and speed
Find new alpha opportunities or follow earnings season 50% more quickly with best-in-class 99.9% accuracy
Gain control over your team's financial models
Eliminate time spent on data entry
Confidence and speed
Confidence and speed

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Accuracy Target
99.9% Accuracy
AI algorithms & experts check every datapoint
Multiple File Format Support
Extensive Data & Support
No datapoint overlooked Customer support teams
API Integration
Seamless Integration
Intuitive Excel for Investors API for Data Teams