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Reddit IPOs - Get up to speed quickly

It's not too late to Use Daloopa to analyze important metrics and get an operational model on Reddit up and running quickly

Josh Burwick
March 20, 2024

It seems like yesterday when Reddit filed its S-1 to go public and now here we are - almost at IPO day (scheduled March 21, 2024 according to the Nasdaq IPO calendar). The Reddit S-1 has been exciting news, being the first major tech IPO since Pinterest in 2019 and giving funds a new opportunity for growth.

For those that have not yet explored this new opportunity, you will want to get up to speed quickly.  Daloopa’s comprehensive data sheet will help get you up to speed on Reddit’s important metrics organized by quarter.

If you are building a model, the datasheet provides all the historical financial information for your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Don’t waste time manually inputting the data - use the Daloopa data and then customize it for your projections.

Take a tour of the datasheet with me in this video below.

Ready to ramp up on Reddit? Download the Reddit datasheet here.
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