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The Power of the Daloopa Data Sheet in Action - DKNG  

A look at how one analyst uses Daloopa datasheets to uncover unique KPIs and spark new ideas

Josh Burwick
March 20, 2024

When you’re coming up to speed on a new sector or stock, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Start printing out 10Q’s and 10K’s and sell-side initiation reports before listening to earnings calls - in no time, you find yourself in a mess of data sources and formats to deconstruct and dissect before getting to the critical part of your job - generating great ideas that outperform.

Daloopa’s datasheets provide a cheat sheet that aggregates all that information in a nicely packaged Excel document. Daloopa has all the company's disclosed financial data - not just the quarterly income statement, balance sheet and cash flow but the guidance, segmental and geographical KPI’s for the company and industry are shown going back from the company’s start.

One analyst was looking into the dynamic ticker DKNG, using the Daloopa datasheet which revealed a lot of unique datapoints. Their Average Revenue per Monthly Unique Players (ARMUPs) changed quarter to quarter and I was curious about the reasoning behind it. In the datasheet, I am able to click on that metric in any quarter and immediately I am presented with the portion of the 10Q or earnings presentation where that was referenced and discussed.

Earlier in the quarter, DraftKings announced an important acquisition of Jackpocket. All the financial information related to the acquisition in terms of revenue targets and background industry information is nicely presented in an organized format in the datasheet.

If you want to see the full process, click on the video below.

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